Founder Fellows of APAS

Founder Members

1963 (First Nominated by the Govt. of A.P.)

  • 1. Shri P.V.G. Raju, Minister for Education, President

    2. Shri L.N. Gupta, Special Secretary to Govt., Education, Hon. Treasurer

    3. Shri C.V.D. Murthy, Director of Technical Education, Hon. Secretary

  • Andhra University

    4. Prof. J. Venkateswarlu, Member

    5. Prof. C. Gopal Rao, Member

    6. Prof. C. Venkatarao, Member

    7. Prof. A. Narsinga Rao, Member

    8. Prof. B. Sundara Rama Rao, Member

    9. Prof. S. Minakshisundaram, Member

    10. Prof. T. Venkatarayudu, Member

    11. Prof. R. Ramanandam, Member

    12. Dr. Swami Gnanananda, Member

    13. Prof. S. Ranga Swami, Member

    14. Prof. K. Rangadhama Rao, Member

    15. Prof. K. Nagabhushanam, Member

    16. Prof. P.N. Ganapathi, Member

  • Sri Venkateswara University

    17. Prof. I.M. Rao, Member

    18. Prof. K. Neelakantam, Member

    19. Prof. M.G. chkrapani Naidu, Member

    20. Prof. D.P. Benerji, Member

    21. Prof. S. Ramachandra Rao, Member

    22. Dr. K. Pampati Rao, Member

  • Osmania University

    23. Dr. M.R. Suxena, Member

    24. Dr. S. N. Singh, Member

    25. Dr. N. V. Subba Rao, Member

    26. Dr. S. Balakrishna, Member

    27. Dr. K.S. Iyengar, Member

    28. Dr. R. Satyanarayana, Member

    29. Dr. Afzal Ahmed, Member

    30. Dr. K.D. Abhaynkar, Member

    31. Dr. Prakash Rao, Member

    32. Dr. B.S. Kulkarni, Member

    33. Dr. K.G. Asthana, Member

    34. Dr. V. Gopala Rao, Member

    35. Dr. Sitaramaiah, Member

    36. Dr. R.P. Pakshirajan, Member

    37. Dr. M.Y. Ansari, Member

    38. Dr. (Mrs.) Y. Jaya, Member

  • Scientists from Research Laboratories Institutions Departments etc,

    39. Dr. M.S. Krishnan, Member

    40. Dr. C. Gopalan, Member

    41. Dr. S. HussainZahir, Member

    42. Dr. S. Bhagavantam, Member

    43. Dr. G.S. Sidhu, Member

    44. Dr. M.G. Krishna, Member

    45. Dr. P.M. Bhargava, Member

    46. Dr. K.L. Rao, Member

    47. Dr. B.S.R. Sastry, Member

    48. Dr. J.C. Kamesvara Rao, Member

    49. Shri. V. Narayana Rao, Member

    50. Dr. M. Krishnamurthy, Membe