Guidelines to Authors

The Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences is established with an objective to provide a common platform for Scientists, Students and Researchers for disseminating the knowledge to the Society. APAS has started a Scientific journal in view of the vast developments in Science and to provide an opportunity for Scientists and young researchers, particularly to eliminate the problems in publication of their research, an official scientific journal entitled “Science Spectrum” has been started and the first issue was released by Hon'ble Chief Minister, Govt of AP during the inauguration of Andhra Pradesh Science Congress on 27th January, 2016. The researchers are requested to contribute Research papers/Reviews/Short Communications in various fields of Science to this journal. The details of format of the journal and address for correspondence has been provided hereunder.

Invitation to Research Papers

Research Articles are invited from researchers in Academic Institutions, Scientific laboratories and other institutions including industry pertaining to any of the following broad scientific fields including interdisciplinary areas:

  • Physical Sciences (PS)
  • Agricultural Sciences (AS)
  • Engineering Sciences (ES)
  • Space and Atmospheric Sciences (SAS)
  • Mathematical Sciences (MS)
  • Life Sciences (LS)
  • IT & Computer Sciences (IT &CS)
  • Chemical Sciences (CS)
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Sciences (MPS)
  • Earth including Ocean Sciences (EOS)

Guidelines for Submission

Title: It should be bold, 14 point, centered to the page and brief in a maximum of two lines.

Authors: Names should be in bold, 12 point, in the order - family name, middle name and last name. The corresponding author(s) name should be marked with a ‘*’ and provided with his/her email address.

Address: It should be normal, 10 point, with full postal details of department, institute.

Abstract: A short abstract, 12 point, 10-15 lines (~100-150 words) describing the salient features.

Keywords: A list of 5-6 keywords to be presented below the abstract, in 10 point.

Text: The text, 12 point, should be divided into sub-headings, such as: Introduction, Results and Discussions, Conclusions, Acknowledgements, References.

References should be provided in parentheses with author name and year in text of the MS (for example, Siedlecka et al 2008; Hecht and Huc, 2007). The format of the references to be given in references is as follows:

M. Siedlecka, G. Goch, A. Ejchart, H. Sticht, A. Bierzynski, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 1999, 96, 903-908. (b) A. Patgiri, A.

L. Jochim, P. S. Arora, Acc. Chem. Res. 2008, 41, 1289-1300.

S. Hecht, I. Huc, (Eds.), Foldamers: Structure, Properties and Applications, Wiley-VCH: Weinheim, Germany, 2007. (b) C. Shellman, In Protein Folding; Jaenicke, R., Ed.; Elsevier: Amsterdam, 1980, pp 53-64.

Mode of Submission: The manuscript should be submitted essentially as a soft copy with all high quality figures/digital images/photographs/ statistical diagrams or charts/tables etc., along with a covering letter through E-Mail: The cover letter should describe the Title, Authors along with their email IDs and mention the type of the manuscripts submitted along with the following statements:

  • The manuscript is submitted exclusively to APAS. The contents partially or totally were not submitted to any other journal simultaneously.
  • I have taken the consent of all the co-authors before submitting the work, as the corresponding author.
  • I have verified the manuscript for plagiarism before submitting and I have obtained necessary copyright permissions wherever necessary.

Reviewers: The authors should provide names of 4 experts/reviewers in respective subjective area, along with the details of address, phone/fax / e mail for consideration of the Editorial Board. The manuscripts are to be reviewed by two referees and positive assessment from both the referees is essential for final acceptance.

Short Research Communications: These communications cover the preliminary research findings from the authors own research work. They are fast-tracked for immediate publications.

Dr. I.V. Murali Krishna, Editor of Publications

Phone: +91 863 2293806; E-Mail -

Copyright agreement

The authors have to send the copy right agreement once after the paper has been considered for publication in ‘Science Spectrum’ in the following format

Science Spectrum

Copy Right Transfer

MS Number

Title of the Manuscript –

Authors –

Copyright to publish the above work in whole is transferred to Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences (APAS)

i) The undersigned authors, co-authors retain the right to amend, republish, copy otherwise, present verbally, or distribute the work in printed version, provided that such use is for the personal non-commercial gain of the authors and employers

ii) The authors are responsible for any hazards such as experiments described in manuscript, statements made in text, any breach of rights, and the authors should be responsible for such instances and APAS is not responsible for such instances

iii) The authors will have the proprietary right ultimately, with them and only copy rights are transferred to APAS

iv) The authors should affirm that the article is an original work and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity

Sign here for Copy right Transfer by all the authors or authorized representative of the authors

Print authorized name and title with signature in ink

Signature of Corresponding Author