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Amaravati Popular Science Series launched by Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences APAS with the feasible objective of delivering basic information along with illustrative webbased references on various topics related to popular science and technologies. The core belief that the Executive committee of APAS, shares and wish the readers to comprehend is: "The forthcoming is going to be good, and science and technologies are the assisting potencies that will help make it better ". No matter what one does, they need to be able to thinlk that there are basic principles of science even at popular level that that are to be learnt both for acting, reacting and understanding the surroundings. It is expected that this popular science series will enable people to meet this objective. This series aspires further stimulation of the Gray Matter. We talk now a days more on "Smart works" -smart cities, smart technologies etc., and it does mean that hard core technologies are driving behind, to make us adopt the smart paths.

As the Editor of publications of APAS, Educator and as a Scientist, I care only that more and more people are scientifically literate. The more informed people are, the more empowered are the people, who can think for themselves in a better manner, and posssibly the more representative our society will be.

The series is intended to take up publications on all aspects that help the penetration of popular science at all levels. After all, the information enriched society is a knowledge scociety and that shall lead to smartness. An illustrative list of themes proposed to be part of this series includes - interrelated to Earth, Environmnet, Natural disasters, Space applications, Astronomy, Mathematics, Antarctica, Basic Sciences, Rivers, Oceans, Health, nutrition, Rural and Urban aspects, Social Sciences, etc… APAS welcomes suggestions and offers from potential authors to contribute articles under this series-Amaravati Popular Science Series

I V Muralikrishna
Chief Editor of Publications
Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences (APAS)
Nagarjuna University, Nagarjuna Nagar, AP